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A. Baur & Co. (Pvt) Ltd

Baurs was established in 1897 in Colombo and employs over a 1000 people in the various segments of the Company – Import, Export, Distribution, Manufacturing and Agency Business in Agriculture, Healthcare, Industrial Raw Materials, Exports, Airlines, Travel, Optics, Machinery and Engineering. Being a market leader in Agriculture, Consumer and Pharmaceutical verticals, the organization strives to bring best in class products manufactured through advanced technology to local and global consumers.


SAP Integration to Programmable Logic Controller System. Process Re-Engineering Exercise


Core ERP Consulting, Strategy Consulting, Process Consulting

The Challenge

Being one of the Largest SAP Adopters in the Country, the organization had multiple third-party systems running in silos outside their Digital Core. Many of these third-party systems were that of intricate manufacturing across multiple domains of the business.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing also being a key pillar had multiple process inefficiencies that required to be studied and resolved where some required to be directly mapped to SAP.

The Solution

By thorough study it was identified that Baurs most significant third-party system which works hand in hand within all their manufacturing verticals have not been integrated with SAP. This Programmable Logic Controller (PLC System) handled multiple complexities within its manufacturing operation, where the flow of data between the systems and SAP was vital, and multiple competencies were lacking for the organization due to the two systems not being integrated. Hence POTENZA’s functional and technical consultants completed the end-to-end integration of this vital system with the organizations SAP system.

By Conducting an End-to-End Domain Specific Process study for the organizations Pharmaceutical Business, Multiple improvements, or enhancement from a process point of view were discovered by the consultants of POTENZA. Improvements such as the correct and optimal use of specific operational dashboards (SAP FIORI), Barcode Usage, Reconciliations and Reporting were pointed out and fixed during this engagement.

The Organization now has moved forward to cover most of their third-party integrations with SAP, bringing unparallel efficiency in their operations. It is also seen that the organization benefited from greater transparency in the flow of data as now Baurs had access to even more accurate data being able to be seen in a unified singular platform being SAP.

The Organization’s Pharmaceutical Vertical also benefited from this engagement as the effectiveness of multiple systems within the vertical increased. Reporting accuracy as well as efficiency was drastically improved through this engagement. Data Transparency across multiple business users were also impacted as the organization now takes the benefits of SAP FIORI and all of the competences it brings to the table.

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