Bombardier Recreational Products(BRP)

New decisioning insights increase promo spend effectiveness and ROI

Bombardier Recreational Products (BRP)

BRP, a leading manufacturer of powersports vehicles, struggled with slow and inefficient sales promotion processes due to outdated technology. Their reliance on manual systems meant lengthy cost estimation times and a lack of granularity, leading to potentially wasteful promotions across entire regions. To address this, we implemented a cutting-edge costing engine built on Microsoft SQL. This system empowers BRP to dynamically cost promotions at a state level, compare multiple scenarios simultaneously, and draft promotions in a safe sandbox environment. With this data-driven approach, BRP can now make faster, more targeted decisions to optimize their sales strategy and profitability.

Sales Promotion Costing and Tracking Engine
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The process of costing promotions was reduced from two days to approximately ten minutes. Very complex promotions could be modelled based on any combination of products, states, time periods and take-up rates. Because of the granularity provided by the system, promotion funding allocation was greatly improved.

The Challenge

BRP, is a leading international manufacturer of snowmobiles, all-terrain vehicles, motorcycles, and personal watercraft including Sea-Doo, Ski-Doo, Quintrex and Evinrude. Across Canada and North America BRP manage a very large product promotions budget. Their promotion planning and management was significantly hampered by two main factors. Firstly, In order to get a cost estimate for a given sales promotion it took at least two days to create a cost estimate (limitation created by the very antiquated and semi-manual Microsoft Excel based process). Secondly, the costing process could only be done at a regional level with constraint on the amount of promotion complexity. The impact of the first constraint was to make being nimble and responsive in their sales promotions difficult. However the second problem meant their promotional funding allocations was inefficient because promotions would be offered where they weren’t required. This was caused because regions covered many states and across those states, not all would necessarily be missing their sales targets. So with stock limitations taken into account, they could be providing sales incentives for stock where it wasn’t required (margin erosion).

The Solution

We built a Microsoft SQL based Sales Promotion costing engine that could ingest all of their product, sales forecast and other relevant data. This engine allowed their promotions management team to dynamically construct and cost sales promotions on a state basis for any combination of products (state limitation only created because this was the finest granularity of BRP’s forecast data). The system can accommodate multiple approved promotion contexts for ongoing comparison as well as up to 1,000 concurrent promotion prototypes in a sandpit environment. The power of the promotion configuration tool is such that up to 55 million data elements can be associated with a single promotion prototype. The system calculates using data for each model to which a promotion applies.

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