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Brolos: Australian Rock Lobster

Since 1950, the Geraldton Fishermen’s Co-operative (GFC) has been supplying premium-quality Western Rock Lobster, also known as crayfish in Western Australia, globally. GFC’s members, spread along 1000 km of WA coastline, are dedicated to their Brolos brand, ensuring top-notch rock lobster products. Every day, wild-caught Brolos rock lobsters are carefully chosen for their quality from the pristine waters off Western Australia. GFC supports fishermen at 50+ landing sites across WA through various coastal facilities from Mandurah to Kalbarri.


iAuditor and flat files
Azure SQL Data Warehouse
Power BI


Data Extraction and Integration
Azure Services Management
Data Warehousing
Power BI Development


Enhanced Data Utilization: Improved utilization of hygiene-related audit data collected from iAuditor and other sources through structured storage in the Azure SQL data warehouse.

Streamlined Decision Making: The availability of Power BI dashboards enables stakeholders to analyze valuable insights derived from the data warehouse.

Expedited Response to Audit Findings: The system empowers Regis Aged Care and its clients to respond promptly.

Increased Operational Efficiency: The system enables organizations to streamline their operational processes, identify areas for improvement.

What was built?

The implementation includes ETL Pipelines and a Centralized Data Warehouse, facilitating the identification of New Data Points and digitization of Manual Data Entry Processes. Moreover, it features a Centralized Data Repository seamlessly integrated with Power BI Dashboards and Reports, providing comprehensive insights and analytics capabilities.

Why was it built?

Built to address the challenges of data fragmentation across various systems, which lacked a centralized repository, as well as to improve the efficiency of measuring and handling yield and wait times, which were previously managed using inefficient methods. Additionally, the system was developed to reduce reliance on subjective, intuitive, and reactive decision-making approaches, aiming to introduce more data-driven and proactive decision-making processes.

How the client uses it for decision / business?

BROLOS utilizes it for decision-making and business operations by aggregating data from disparate sources into a centralized data repository, establishing a future-proof and scalable data platform. Moreover, they implement automated data capture to minimize human intervention, thereby decreasing manual data entry efforts and reducing errors. Additionally, the system enhances staff engagement and productivity while leveraging visualization tools to gain insights into increasing yield, efficiency, and reducing wait times. Furthermore, it enables scenario modeling and simulation, empowering staff to make quicker, more informed, data-driven decisions.

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