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Bombardier Recreational Products

BRP is dedicated to revolutionizing transportation, focusing on creating emotional experiences rather than just covering distances. As an independent Canadian company for two decades, our legacy is synonymous with adventure and innovation. From our inception in 1959 with the Ski-Doo, our commitment to pioneering ways of moving people has only strengthened. Today, our industry-leading products redefine movement across various terrains, from snow to water and air. With iconic brands like Ski-Doo, Sea-Doo, Can-Am, and more, we cater to adventurers worldwide. Embracing innovation, we are expanding into electric models and exploring new product categories to enhance our offerings responsibly.


iAuditor and flat files
Azure SQL Data Warehouse
Power BI


Data Extraction and Integration
Azure Services Management
Data Warehousing
Power BI Development


Enhanced Data Utilization: Improved utilization of hygiene-related audit data collected from iAuditor and other sources through structured storage in the Azure SQL data warehouse.

Streamlined Decision Making: Availability of Power BI dashboards facilitates analysis of valuable insights derived from the data warehouse.

Expedited Response to Audit Findings: The system empowers Jasol's clients to respond promptly to audit findings by providing a well-defined process backed by data.

Improved Compliance Management: Organizations can enhance compliance management processes by leveraging insights derived from the system.

What was built?

The Promotion GUI now features a new button enabling the specification of a Promotion ID alongside the anticipated End Date, while a fresh parameter named “Promotion Category” has been introduced to all promotion settings. Additionally, “Scenario Global Take Rate” has been included as another parameter in each promotion setting. Customized order models are now available for upload to the promo engine. Moreover, the start and end dates of the Promotion Engine have been renamed as “Registration Start” and “End” dates respectively, with the introduction of two additional input dates, “Reservation Start” and “End” dates.

Why was it built?

Built to enable the capability to make modifications and terminate a promotion, integrating various types of promotions, integrating the scenario’s global take rate, implementing the ability to order Finance output in accordance with predefined ordering for models, and extending the promotion registration period to include a period during which an early offer is available, incorporating the concept of certificates.

How the client uses it for decision / business?

The client utilizes it for decision-making and business operations by allowing only one modification to the promotion end date, with the user interface locking if a premature end date is set, but permitting further modifications if no premature end date is specified. Users can select from various promotion types, including Retail Promotion, Pre-order, and Ag/Commercial, providing flexibility. The Scenario Global Take Rate feature adjusts the take rate for each option in costing, scaling down the final promotion cost effectively. Additionally, users can upgrade their ordering models and access predefined Finance Output. For the Promotion Type “Pre Order,” Reservation and Registration Start and End dates are mandatory, while for other Promotion types, these dates remain consistent, with the Reservation Start Date and End Date stored as additional attributes for the scenario without being used for any calculations.

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