City Mart Holdings PLC

Creating a supplier portal for accuracy and transparency

City Mart Holdings PLC

The largest retail chain in Myanmar with 106 retail outlets, City Mart Holdings (CMHL) had a pressing need to streamline operations between suppliers. The Accounts Payable team consisted of 53 personnel and the process of settling a supplier took 27 days and generated a significant paper trail that had to be filed and maintained by the company.

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Size Reduction of AP Team
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The Implementation of a bespoke Supplier Portal for CMHL, resulted in a reduction of numbers in the AP team from 53 members to 13 members. Supplier Settlement days fell from 27 days to 3 days. The organization was able to get confirmation on orders faster resulting in outlets having adequate stocks at any given time. This also provided CMHL with full visibility of their end-to-end supply chain as well as utilizing the integration to better benefit from the rich feature set of the current SAP ERP within CMHL. By implementing BI, CHML have been able to increase their revenue by making effective merchandising decisions, including restocking on a just in time basis.

BI ensures in-store needs are met and that efficient decisions can be made quickly and cost effectively. Key advantages of implementing BI at CMHL.

  • Improved customer experience
  • Predictive modeling
  • Optimize price

The Challenge

One of the largest users of SAP within the country, CMHL also lacked a proper L2 Support Partner to look at day to day support requests and work with them on enhancements and process improvements within the SAP System.

The Organization also required more transparency in terms of data across the organization as KPI’s required for strategic, tactical, and operational users was not being properly captured (KPI’s such as Department Performances, Product Profitability, Regional Behaviors).

The Solution

POTENZA created a dedicated supplier portal for CMHL where both the company and their suppliers could easily log in, view and accept or decline orders. The raising of invoices and GRN is now done in the supplier portal and runs untill the payment run where an integration is done through the centralized SAP system.

We built a data warehouse which makes it easier for corporate decision-makers to analyze and share data insights. Standardizing data from different sources also reduces the risk of error in interpretation and improves overall accuracy. This provided a platform which acted as a single source and also provided insightful dashboards and visualization tools for the organization to take better decisions.

We also provided our proprietary “SAP Support +” to CMHL where the organization could mix and match their requirements between dedicated support, Enhancement, Change Requests or Process Alignments to their SAP System. During this engagement in certain instances, we also provided dedicated full-time resources to be deployed at CMHL locations.

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