Grand Royal Group

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Grand Royal Group

Grand Royal Group (GRG) is a major Myanmar-based beverage manufacturing company that accounts for over 80% of Myanmar’s domestic whiskey market, with annual revenue of US$100 million.

Data Warehouse and Predictive Analytics
Data Analytics


Our Data Scientists also created bespoke mathematical algorithms and models to predict relevant KPI’s and facilitate proactive (rather than reactive) decision making.

Within 6 Months of Engaging with GRG we were able to create and provide a platform to logically store all business and operational data, as well as creating multiple dashboards to measure business performance across multiple functions of the business. Our agnostic approach on engagements enabled GRG to use existing Microsoft Power BI Licenses for this purpose rather than spending significant amounts on an alternative technology.

The Organization is now moving towards increased business predictability through the use of predictive and prescriptive analytics using advanced financial and mathematical models created specifically for that purpose.

The Challenge

Over the years GRG had accumulated significant amounts of data which the organization struggled to make meaningful sense of. Whilst engaging with GRG, we identified a number of opportunities where the organization could harness this data; not only to take meaningful business decisions but to also predict relevant business trends as well as future results.

The Solution

We created a comprehensive Data Warehouse within the organization where massive amounts of structured and unstructured data was meaningfully and logically segregated. The Data Warehouse was also structured in a way that enabled business users to withdraw data seamlessly when required.

We also created meaningful business dashboards as well as other key visualization layers for operational, tactical and strategic stakeholders within the organization using Microsoft Power BI – enabling them to make effective and efficient business decisions.

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