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GTN – Sri Lanka, where a vision of boundless investment opportunities is realized. Their mission is to revolutionise retail investment and wealth management, ensuring access to opportunities worldwide. As the link between broker-dealers, asset managers, banks, and fintech, they promote inclusivity in the financial realm. Collaboration is at the core of their operations, as they strive to co-create value with their clients, enriching experiences for their end users. Backed by advanced technology, their platform maximises efficiency for captivating user journeys. Their experienced teams bring expertise, delivering innovative solutions that redefine the trading and investment landscape.


Robotic Process Automation using Open Bots.
Microsoft Power Apps for the portal.



RPA Development with Open Bots. 
Microsoft Power Apps
Trade Reconciliations. 
Compliance and Regulatory Knowledge. 
Reporting and Analytics. 


Efficient Time Management: Automation reduces manual tasks, allowing more time for critical activities. 

Enhanced Accuracy: Automated reconciliations minimise errors, ensuring precise matching. 

Scalable Operations: The system effortlessly handles large volumes, adapting to business growth. 

Resource Optimization: Automation reallocates resources to strategic planning, improving efficiency. 

What was built?

Our RPA development, utilizing Open Bots, delivers a robust solution with over 5 logics catering to two trade types. We leverage Microsoft Power Apps to create a dynamic portal for manual reconciliation, allowing users to match transactions seamlessly and reverse reconciled transactions including a [± 1] tolerance rate for major currencies. The portal includes multiple approval levels for accuracy and compliance. Daily reporting involves sharing an Excel report with business users for updates on reconciled transactions, while monthly finance reports offer a comprehensive overview of financial activities and performance metrics. 

Why was it built?

Our automation solution was built to address the challenges posed by the manual reconciliation process, which was both hectic and time-consuming. The requirement was to reconcile the “Dealer statement” CSV file against the “ERP (AT) statement” Excel file using specific logics, we aimed to streamline and simplify this critical financial task. The solution was required to notify users of reconciliation outcomes and direct any remaining unreconciled records to a user-friendly portal for manual handling which ensures efficiency and accuracy in data management. With features like transaction reversal and a [± 1] tolerance rate for major currencies, our solution was designed to meet the need for a more streamlined and insightful approach to data reconciliation. 


How the client uses it for decision / business?

The system was built to streamline the reconciliation process by automating the matching of “Dealer statement” CSV files and “ERP (AT) statement” Excel files, ensuring accuracy and efficiency. This allows business users to receive timely notifications and access a portal for manual reconciliation of any unreconciled records, with the ability to reverse transactions as needed. The [± 1] tolerance rate for major currencies provides flexibility and real-time insights, aiding in decision-making. The RPA development using Open Bots and the dynamic portal crafted with Microsoft Power Apps cater to these needs, offering multiple approval levels for compliance. Business users utilise the system for timely reconciliation updates, seamless manual matching, and access to comprehensive financial reports for informed decision-making and strategic planning. 


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