Hatton National Bank - Automation of Equity and Margin Settlement process using RPA

GTHNB - Sri Lanka

Hatton National Bank (HNB), established in 1888, is one of Sri Lanka’s oldest and most respected financial institutions. Over its long history, HNB has grown to become a cornerstone of the country’s banking sector, known for its commitment to customer service, innovation, and community development.

HNB offers a comprehensive range of banking products and services tailored to meet the diverse needs of individuals, businesses, and corporate clients. Whether it’s retail banking services like savings and current accounts, loans, and credit cards, or specialised offerings such as wealth management, trade finance, and corporate banking solutions, HNB stands out for its reliability and customer-centric approach.


Automation Anywhere for RPA



RPA Development with Automation Anywhere.
Trade Data Management.
Entry posting in the core banking system (Finacle).
Compliance and Regulatory Knowledge.
Reporting and Analytics.


Enhancing Efficiency in Settlement Verifications: Our Automation solution has greatly decreased the duration needed for settlement verifications, while simultaneously improving precision, guaranteeing that transactions are swiftly and precisely processed.

Prompt Settlements & Portfolios: By implementing our Automation solution, transactions are processed promptly, well in advance of the designated deadline as well as sharing and generating client-wise portfolio statements, thereby minimising any potential delays, and ensuring smooth operations.

Protection of Customer-Sensitive Information : RPA guarantees the strict confidentiality of customer-sensitive information on trade activities, following rigorous security protocols

Improved Process Transparency: The incorporation of our solution enables a comprehensive view of the settlement process, facilitating more effective monitoring and control of operations.

What was built?

POTENZA has revolutionised HNB PLC by automating its Equity and Margin Settlement process using RPA. In this process, HNB PLC acts as the custodian for clients’ trade activities and settles the net amounts owed based on their portfolios. This process is essential for verifying the quantities and amounts of trades and ensuring the safe settlement of transactions on behalf of clients.

The as-is process entails Daily, reports being downloaded from the CSE Portal and meticulously sorted into portfolios based on individual clients. These segmented portfolios are then shared as a password-protected secured file with clients, ensuring confidentiality and trust in data exchange, recording trade data in the Custody System on the trade date for internal reference and subsequently settling the trades in the Finacle System three days after the trade date.

Automating this process was necessary due to its repetitive and time-consuming nature, as well as the high volume of transactions. A solution was required to reduce errors and boost productivity in posting settlement entries to the Finacle System.


Why was it built?

Our automation solution was built to address the challenges posed by the manual reconciliation process, which was both hectic and time-consuming. The requirement was to reconcile the “Dealer statement” CSV file against the “ERP (AT) statement” Excel file using specific logics, we aimed to streamline and simplify this critical financial task. The solution was required to notify users of reconciliation outcomes and direct any remaining unreconciled records to a user-friendly portal for manual handling which ensures efficiency and accuracy in data management. With features like transaction reversal and a [± 1] tolerance rate for major currencies, our solution was designed to meet the need for a more streamlined and insightful approach to data reconciliation. 


How the client uses it for decision / business?

RPA integration aligns technology with business goals to achieve measurable results.The implemented automation at HNB PLC is intended to enhance existing processes rather than completely replace them, enabling employees to focus on more specialised tasks and establishing a strong foundation for scalability. The preparation of client-wise portfolio statements prior to automation employees took 10 hours after automation the bot completes the process in 20 minutes.This improvement allows for the generation of trade reports and client portfolios on the same day (T) rather than the day after (T+1). The automation of the Equity and Margin Settlement process has completely ruled out human errors and has drastically reduced processing time by approximately 96% where posting entries on the Finacle system on “T+3” day, prior to automation employees took 3+ hours and after Automation the bot completes the whole process in around 2 mins.

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