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The product range is developed by experienced product developers well-versed in the diverse requirements of hygiene solutions, expectations, regulations, and compliance. Jasol Australia, established in 1934, stemmed from the collaboration between chemist Mr. Charles Johnson and prominent businessman Mr. Edwards. The formulation enabling oil to mix with water led to the inception of the company, initially named Johnson’s Antiseptic Soluble Oils Ltd, later abbreviated to JASOL. Jasol was incorporated as a Private Company on August 13, 1934, with the manufacturing of the first product ‘Jasol B’ starting at Mr. Johnson’s residence on California Street, Adelaide, South Australia.


Azure services
Azure SQL Data Warehouse
Power BI


Cloud Computing
Data Extraction and Transformation
Data Warehousing and Data Visualization Power BI


Improved Data Utilization: By employing Azure services to extract data from iAuditor and other flat file formats, the organization can harness data collected through surveys more effectively.

Enhanced Decision Making: The establishment of an Azure SQL data warehouse provides a foundation for storing and organizing the collected data.

Visualization and Insights: Power BI dashboards are created to visualize the insights derived from the data warehouse.

Efficiency and Effectiveness: The solution empowers organizations like Coles to efficiently monitor audit outcomes and compliance levels.

What was built?

Azure services are employed to extract data from the iAuditor source system as well as other flat file formats like Excel and CSV. This data is then utilized to construct an Azure SQL data warehouse, which serves as the foundation for storing the information. Additionally, Power BI Dashboards are created to meet the visualization needs of the project.

Why was it built?

Currently, Jasol employs iAuditor by Safety Culture, an inspection management software, as a compliance tool for gathering hygiene-related audit data. This data is collected through surveys that consist of various question types, including “Yes/No,” multiple selections, swab counts, and short answers. To make the most of this data, a data warehouse is established to structure information from iAuditor inspections and other flat files. The insights derived from this data are then presented in a dashboard for visualization.

How the client uses it for decision / business?

Our solution empowered customers like Coles by granting them access to information, valuable insights, and operational capabilities. This enabled them to efficiently and effectively monitor their audit outcomes.

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