LMG - AOP Process Reengineering

LMG - Liquor Marketing Group

Established in 1977, LMG is Australia’s largest membership-owned retail liquor group, representing over 1,400 independent liquor stores. The core focus is to support members in achieving retailing success by enhancing their retail stores, executing targeted marketing programs, and investing in technology for retail growth opportunities. LMG provides independent retailers with negotiating power, consumer brand expertise, professionalism, and support to compete successfully in the off-premise retail marketplace.


Azure SQL Data Warehouse
Power BI


Data Extraction and Integration
Power BI Development
Data Warehousing


Improved Data Utilization: Enhanced ability to extract, structure, and store data from various sources.

Streamlined Decision-making: The establishment of a data warehouse and Power BI dashboards facilitates the analysis of insights derived from audit data.

Enhanced Compliance Monitoring: The system enables Jasol's clients to respond more effectively to audit findings by following a well-defined process backed by data.

Increased Operational Efficiency: By leveraging insights derived from the system, Regis Aged Care can streamline their operational processes, identify areas for improvement.

What was built?

The system comprises ETL Pipelines and a Centralized Data Warehouse, which together enable the Scenario Analysis Capability, allowing for comprehensive data processing, storage, and analysis for scenario-based decision-making.

Why was it built?

Built to address Data Management challenges arising from multiple data flows and lack of a single source, enabling Accelerated Insight Capture by reducing the time required to gain insights and finalize plans. Additionally, it provides Scenario Modeling capabilities at various levels, including granular and higher-level scenarios, empowering State GMs to improve member experience and make data-driven decisions.

How the client uses it for decision / business?

The system integrates data from multiple sources into a structured and scalable single source of truth, ensuring data integrity through cleansing and profiling. Automation and scheduling reduce manual tasks, minimizing redundancy and processing time, providing timely access to data for decision-makers. It establishes a scalable, secure, and collaborative data platform, enabling interactive scenario capabilities for AOP outcomes and what-if analysis on Promotions, Sales, and Costing. It supports regular re-forecasting, generates advanced insights, and consolidates reporting tools into a unified platform powered by Power BI. Interactive dashboards, rich visualization, and mobile view features enhance accessibility and usability.

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